The Object Oriented OS
• • EXPECT it to FAIL when someone's HeALTh or PROpeRTy is at RISktm • •
     (Sorry, my lawyer made me put that there ;)
Ok, so you can tell this site is for l33t hax0rs like me. OZONE is an os I wrote myself!
OZONE contains the best parts of:
  • VMS
    • Logical names
    • Version numbers on filenames
    • Access control lists
    • Nice entrypoint names for everything
    • Device names that you can see
    • Event flags and AST's
    • Asynchronous I/O
  • Unix
    • No restriction on directory depth
    • I have the GNU C compiler, assembler, linker, librarian, and other utilities
    • Stream-style pipes (well, ok, I also do have record-oriented pipes, a la VMS mailboxes)
  • WindoesNT
    • (well I had to list it, but there aren't any best parts)
    • It does have built-in threads
    • Handles
    (But still, I didn't see many 'best' parts)!

Design goals:

WARNING!! I must ask your forgiveness, O keepers of L33Tness! I put /*COMMENTS*/ in the source code. Now I am sure there must be many comment stripper utilities out there hidden from view that hax0rs have (as good as it is, just look at Linux source, so I know there are strippers out there), so it can easily be converted!

So what makes it object-oriented? Well, just about everything in the kernel is an object. Threads, processes, devices, files, logical names, event flags are all objects. You can assign an logical name to objects. So for example, you could create an event flag and assign a logical name to it. Then other processes can access that event flag and synchronize between them.