To make a normal 'Hello world' program, do this:

  1. Set your default directory to where the OZONE binaries are, normally /ozone/binaries/.
  2. Create your hello.c program using edt hello.c (edt is another favoUrite thing of mine from VMS). Use the normal #include <stdio.h> in it.
  3. Compile it using gcc -DOZ_HW_TYPE_486 -c -o hello.o hello.c
  4. Link it using ld -d -r -o hello.r hello.o ../objects/oz_crtl_start.o ../libraries/oz_crtl.a
  5. Convert the executable using elfconv hello.oz hello.o oz_kernel_486.oz (it prints out a long load map)
  6. Run it using run hello.oz

As you can see, there are rough edges: